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Friday, November 02, 2007

Calling All Black Website Owners! It's Black Freebies Time.

Everybody wants to get something free off the internet right! But what about alittle give? Do you host Black Contests or Black Give Aways on your site? Do you sell a Black product with a few extras or samples that your willing to share freely with the masses? If you do, post them on Black Freebies. If you don't, get with the program! Giving away free stuff to fellow African Americans is a great way to support our Community and simoultaneously promote your Product or Service on Black Freebies. Give away a free copy of your book, an amazon gift certificate, a music cd, magazine subscription, t-shirt, e-book, website, etc. Be Creative about this folks. Find something that you can share freely withouts and find out how much support, publicity, and thanks you will get back in return.

Send me a comment, and I'll add your freebie info here.



At 10:50 AM, Blogger wtaylorhi said...

Hi Lashanda, I would like to let everyone know about the FREE Mall giveaway! Its called My Power Mall where you are given your own mall to shop at online.

It's FREE to join! Check out


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